To commemorate the idea of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the Centre for Future Learning is established to produce the next generation of pioneers – who will walk on Mars and those who will cure the planet and humankind. It encompasses over 450 libraries spread across 15 states reaching out to over 500,000 children from diversified backgrounds who are dedicated to propagating the ideas of science and technology.  As a part of our effort towards getting the best of knowledge from all over the world to Indian youth, we started the Dr. Kalam Memorial Lecture series where we invite top-notch speakers from different domains to talk about their ideas for the future. This is an open live online session that acts as a horizontal ground to discuss and evolve ideas for the future in different fields and has been joined by thousands from across the globe. This lecture series has been graced by NASA Astronaut Sunita Williams, Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma, AC (Retd.) and many other experts and dignitaries from all walks of life.

Kalam Centre in association with the United Kingdom for Astrobiology, University of Edinburgh started Mars Mission India. The primary goal of this project is to prepare and generate ideas and solutions to overcome the challenges that humanity will face as it propels itself towards our neighboring planet Mars. Global community and space scientists believe that by 2035 there will be a permanent settlement on the Red Planet and beginning in 2020 massive global efforts are being taken across all over the world in this direction.

Kalam Centre, through the Mars Mission India, is also engaged in this global effort which is the MINAR project. Mine Analogue Research (MINAR) is an underground extra-terrestrial analogue research program. The program is carried out in a two-kilometer underground astrobiology laboratory at Boulby Mines. Every year, some students from Indian universities and colleges are selected to participate in MINAR to represent India in the global project as a part of our team led by our CEO, Srijan Pal Singh.

Through Homi Lab, we offer a wide range of courses suited for a wide spectrum of audiences, with the goal to make learning hands-on, relevant to everyday life, comprehensible, exciting and fun.

NASA Astronaut Sunita Williams in conversation with our CEO

Team Mars Mission India testing their rover in the Boulby Mines, Yorkshire, UK