Centre for Governance

“In a democracy, the well-being, individuality and happiness of every citizen is important for the overall prosperity, peace and happiness of the nation.” – Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

One of the greatest dreams of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was to witness India transform into a developed nation. Kalam Centre through its Centre for Governance aims to facilitate the efficiency of the governance model for the development and prosperity of the nation.
Our team at Kalam Centre strives to execute quality research and contribute in developing frameworks to support and build better-governing institutions at the ground level – which works for the people and under the motto of “work with integrity and succeed with integrity,” as envisioned by Dr. Kalam.

Committed to addressing water poverty, Kalam Centre believes that access to available water can be democratized through innovation. With support from quality research, volunteers, deeper community outreach and support from policymakers, we are sure we will be able to solve the water crisis in the country and accomplish our goal. Thus, our initiative – ‘Right to Water’

With the objective to promote advanced infrastructure. Kalam Centre worked on a research publication on the making of Lucknow Metro. Identifying its leadership module, its functionality, the working principle, the management style and how it overcame the inherent challenges of implementing a mega-scale public project in a record-breaking record timeline.

Hon’ble Vice President of India at Kalam Innovation and Governance Summit 2019

The orientation of Advantage Bharat Fellows with the District Collector, Navsari