The efficiency of the governance model is paramount to the goal of human development and prosperity for the nations. On one hand, it thrives to optimize the resource utilization of the economy and on the other hand, it stands for equity and justice for those who often get left behind in the race for development. India, as a developing economy with an inherently strong democracy, is witnessing an era of potential with its youthful population and emerging industries. We research and work in developing frameworks to support and build better-governing institutions at the ground level which works for the people and under the motto of “work with integrity and succeed with integrity,” as envisioned by Dr. Kalam.

Advantage Bharat Fellowship

The Advantage Bharat Fellowship engages best graduates all across the globe to work towards action-oriented programs dedicated to Dr. Kalam


The Kalam Chakra Fellowship aims to build an empowered community that is passionate to make a change and give back to the global surroundings

Right to Water

Right To Water aims to build a water-efficient India, where every individual has unfettered access to water at any given point in time