For Happier Nation

In our bid to fulfill the colossal dream of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam for a developed and happier nation. The team at Kalam Centre strives to promote a strong nation by identifying issues at multiple levels. The Right to Water is one of the initiatives committed to addressing water poverty in India. Kalam Centre believes that access to available water can be democratized through innovation. The Kalam Chakra Fellowship intends to build a community of empowered minds and free ideas through a dedicated 8-day program that will create an empowered community. The Advantage Bharat Fellowship is a two-month intervention that includes an Orientation & Training period. Throughout their tenure, the fellows devote their energies to bring about an array of ground-level changes and effectively lead complex public systems in the future. Quality research, innovation and outreach are the elements for a happier nation.

Advantage Bharat Fellowship

The Advantage Bharat Fellowship (ABF) derives its name from the last book of Dr. Kalam – Advantage India (2015, Harper Collins).


Dedicated to fulfilling Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s dream of building a self-assured India, we at Kalam Foundation believe that no Nation can

Right to Water

With 12 major rivers feeding a population of 1.3 billion+ people, scarcity of water is an inevitable challenge that is reeling in front of us.