The year 2020 has witnessed one of the greatest challenges in human history. As the Novel Coronavirus pandemic continues to loom over the world, the health care systems of the countries have endured insurmountable pressure. So far, over 80 million people globally have been infected by the virus and over 1.5 million have lost their lives to it.

Covid-19 pandemic has grappled the entire world in its tentacles as the nations continue to battle against the deadly virus. India has registered over 10 million cases since the onset of the disease in the country. The team at Kalam Centre pledged to become the ray of hope for the vulnerable sections of the society during this time of uncertainty.

Kalam Kitchen

The Kalam Community Kitchen was set up with the aim to help the migrant workers and their families who lost their jobs due to COVID-19

Empowered Group Government of India

Kalam Centre worked with the Government of India and provide the necessary knowledge and research to Empowered Groups

Knowledge Support

To combat the "misinformation virus", Kalam Centre produces informative videos on the latest updates on COVID-19 and vaccine