Energizing best minds of India towards transforming ‘Bharat’

“Thinking is the capital, an enterprise is a way and hard work is the solution.”
Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Children are born with inquisitive and curious minds, drawn to the mysteries of their surroundings. From the time they start exploring their environment, they are full of curiosity and enthusiasm, ready to learn and discover new things. They have an innate sense of adventure, always looking for the next big discovery or exhilarating encounter.

Homi Lab is on a mission to harness that unlimited curiosity and transform it into meaningful learning experiences. They do this using the beauty of play – childhood’s universal language. Play allows youngsters to explore, experiment, and make sense of their surroundings in ways that traditional learning approaches just cannot.

Homi Lab is harnessing this intrinsic curiosity in children (aged 3 to 10 years), using interesting and informative activities. Children have an insatiable want for information, and Homi Lab aims to satisfy that desire with experiences that inspire, excite, and ignite their imaginations.

Homi Lab provides Highest Quality Digital content, Dynamic Architect of Future Labs, Demonstrative Models, Hands-on-experience via simulators and Virtual Reality Models, Gamified Tests and Quizzes where teachers are free to customize it for all subjects including languages, humanities, and sciences. This aims to prepare students and learners not just for the present, but also for the future, by fostering skills, knowledge, and mindsets that are expected to be essential in the coming years.


Homi Lab’s Future Learning Lab aims to develop and deploy content on future avenues ranging from Interplanetary Exploration and Habitation, Nanotechnology, Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Fusion Power, Sustainable Development, Futuristic Cities, Clean and Green Energy, and much more.

These courses are in the form of multimedia content that integrate classroom teachers, Virtual Reality (VR) experiences, Gamified simulations and Models, and Evaluatory Platforms.

The courses are delivered via unique experiential centers – Future labs, that enables immersive learning and hands-on experiences via 3-D videos, simulations, VR games, 3-D Models, and Instructor led activities.

Future labs rely on a de-centred pedagogy that promotes self-learning by tinkering students’ curiosity. It aims to create Future Explorers who are on a mission to shape humanity’s future.


In a world that’s rapidly changing, it is important that learners not only learn at a faster pace, but also create their own ideas, test them, and innovate. And, Simulations are a great way to achieve just that!

Homi Lab has created simulations like Mission Moon Base, Fusion Power Plant, Homi lab Space Station, Mars Architect, and is working on a lot more. All of these based The Fusion Power Plant simulator is based on Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

These 3-D simulators are realistic and help students gain the necessary skills via activities and gamification.

Virtual Reality (VR) Models

Imagine walking on Mars or the Moon, or launching a spacecraft or satellite! While these can be dreams of the future, students can experience the thrill and excitement of it even now.

Homi Lab is making this a possibility via its VR Models of Chandrayaan launch, Future Verse, and Fusion Power Plant.

These VR models are designed to match the actual scale and experience of the scenarios they depict, while bottling down the details necessary to explain concepts to kids in fun and interactive ways.