Democratizing Education

Nurturing ‘Kalams’
for the ‘Bharat’
of tomorrow

“The ignited mind of the youth is the most powerful resource on the earth.”
– Dr. A.PJ. Abdul Kalam

In our bid to democratize wisdom, a 5-week and 100 hours school adoption cum community service program was conceived which would give the future citizens of this world an opportunity to interact with a wider community mix, explore technology-driven solutions, aspire to dream, and thereby inculcate wisdom and values which were dear to Dr. Kalam.

The Kalam Bharat program has so far deployed 486 teachers from technological and engineering backgrounds across 258 schools from a diverse spectrum of economic and social diversities across India. It has helped over 250,000 young minds, often from underprivileged backgrounds, to develop an understanding of the most futuristic and cutting edge science and technology by delivering them content designed by experts with background from IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Kharagpur, Harvard University and the University of Edinburgh. The program is implemented in collaboration with the government.

Books are the source of not only information but also inspiration and contribute to the overall development of children. This is where the importance of libraries comes into play. The children in the government schools normally come from economically weaker backgrounds and have little or no access to books at home. Since the schools also don’t have a library; children there are often remain deprived of the wealth of knowledge. Under this program, we also established 258 libraries and sports equipment labs in each school. The cost of setting up a library and sports equipment lab was crowdfunded by the teachers themselves through donations from door-to-door drives.