Kalam Future Lab

“In any developed country highest quakity education shoukd not be denied to anyone”
– Dr. Abdul kalam
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To enable Dr Kalam’s vision and accomplish his mission, Kalam Centre is committed to set up Kalam Future Labs. These state-of-art labs would be curated from experts from NASA, ISRO and other laboratories of eminence to create transformational pedagogical material.


The first human habitant of Mars is in the corridors of our schools

The scientist who will cure cancer is probably in a classroom

The first child who will live 200 years is already born.

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Kalam Future Labs provide an immersive learning experience for young minds through cutting-edge virtual laboratories which create a personalized ecosystem across science, technology, space, quantum computing, robotics, and other allied fields.

All great scientists ranging from Sir Issac Newton to Albert Einstein to Subramanium Chandrashekhar have one thing in common – an extraordinarily exploratory childhood. Homi Lab is the nudge needed to make your students a part of many firsts such as the first human on another planet or the first human to find a cure for cancer.

Kalam Centre invites like-minded schools with exemplary founder visions to partner.


The competition is open to all schools with minimum 500 students

What will Kalam Centre Provide?

Kalam Centre will set up a Future Lab at school premises which will be customised as per need, profile and current technological context of the globe. It will create right mentorship through its partners and operational model for the school partner to follow.

Cost of setting uo the lab, complete with immersion centre and equipment will be borne by Kalam Centre.

What Kalam Centre Requires?

Space to set up lab with basic civil work, electricity connection and security.

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